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Quality Control

With more than five decades of experience, we have become a prime source of Precision Components, Valve Fittings, Pump Components, Casting Products, Industrial Agitator, etc. We have a separate quality testing department where our experienced experts rigorously test the whole product line against various departments. The quality auditors take help from modern testing instruments & tools to get accurate results about the quality of the raw materials as well as finished products. We have installed the below mentioned machines in our facilities to maintain the best quality levels:

  • CNC Turning centre Hass SL10 (USA make) 1nos.
  • CNC Haas (USA) Make TL-1 turning centre.
  • Kirloskar Make Enterprise 400 Lathe M/C 1 Nos.
  • Shimoga kirloskar make Lathes 3 Nos.
  • Enterprise 1330 Kirloskar make Lathes 1 Nos.
  • Radial Drilling M/C 1 Cap 2 Nos.
  • HMT make FN1H Milling M/C 2 Nos.
  • Advani make generator set with Tig Unit 1 Nos.
  • Dilip Lathe M/C 1 Nos.
  • Dilip Lathe M/C 1 Nos.
  • Haas VF2 make VMC 1 Nos.
  • CNC Turning centre Hass 400X500mm 5.5 SL10 CNC 2010 0.01mm (USA) Lathe
  • CNC Turning centre Haas 1000X245mm 5.5 TL1 CNC Lathe 2007 0.01mm(USA)
  • Lathe Kirloskar 1000X225mm 3.8 enterprise 1996 0.02mm 400
  • Lathe Kirloskar 500X200mm 0.75 enterprise 1985 0.02mm 1330
  • Lathe Kirloskar 1200X300mm 0.75 Shimoga 1982 0.02mm
  • Lathe Kirloskar 1200X300mm 0.75 Shimoga 1982 0.02mm
  • Lathe Kirloskar 1200X300mm 0.75 Shimoga 1985 0.02mm
  • Lathe Dilip 500X200mm 0.75 Dilip 1996 0.05mm
  • Lathe Ravi 1700X300mm 0.75 Ravi 1988 0.05mm
  • Milling HMT 1070X230mm 0.75 FN1H 1982 0.02mm
  • Milling HMT 1070X230mm 0.75 FN1H 1985 0.02mm
  • Hacksaw HMT 200mm 0.75 HS-20 1983 200mm
  • Radial drilling Traction 1-0.75 TRAC32 1987 1 Engineers
  • Radial drilling PHI 1-0.75 PHI 1989 1
  • VMC Haas 600X406X508 22.4 VF2 2008 0.02mm

With the use of these state-of-the-art machines and several tools, we are speedily developing offered products and supplying them to numerous customers. All the installed machines at our set up are properly handled and periodically upgraded & oiled to ensure their smooth working and good speed. 


In our entire journey, we have worked hard and added numerous customers in our list. We have managed to grab attention and then repeated orders from numerous customers on grounds of our excellent trade policies, business offers and right product pricing. By consistently supplying quality assured products at best prices, we are able to won the faith of the customers. Below listed is the list of our clients and how long they have been with us:

  • GE Medical System x-ray (South Asia) Ltd. (Bangalore)- For last 25 years.
  • Alfa Laval (India) Ltd.- For last 45 years.
  • LKM (India) Ltd.- For last 10 years.
  • Eagle Poonawalla Industries Ltd.- For last 10 years.
  • Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd.- For last 15 years.
  • DE Laval (India) Ltd.- For last 10 years.
  • Nichrome India Limited- For last 8 Years.

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